For Food Service Establishments

Why serve Lady Baker’s wholesale loose leaf tea?

  • Your customer will TASTE the difference – as the leaf unfurls, the essential oils are released giving a superior tasting tea
  • Your customer will SEE the difference – as the leaf expands, its delicate appearance emanates integrity and quality
  • Your customer will SMELL the difference – the natural and pure flavouring oils delight the senses
  • Your customer will FEEL the difference – high in antioxidants and with hydrating power, loose leaf teas should be part of a healthy lifestyle

Tea is usually served as an after dinner libation, but served during the meal, Lady Baker’s wholesale tea is a marvelous way to enhance the dining experience.

Sencha Cherry Organic

For a very busy food service establishment and B & B buffet style service:


Lady Baker’s wholesale tea bags are available upon request for those times when preparing loose leaf tea is a time challenge. The same high quality loose leaf teas are packaged here on Prince Edward Island in spacious tea sacs which allow for the unfurling of the leaf. There are no strings attached and no staples used in the packaging of these unique tea bags making them fully compostable. Take less time to get the tea to the table, but still have the quality that your restaurant represents! Tea bags come prepared in one or two cup servings for single cup or a teapot.

Available on Prince Edward Island only.

For retail stores

Lady Baker’s wholesale tea comes in 50g and 100g attractive matte black packaging with our new colourful labels. The premium loose leaf teas are packaged on Prince Edward Island by our energetic tea team. A description of the tea and brewing instructions are also on the package.

Packaged Product