Tea Time Recommendations

Sharing tea is the perfect way to celebrate every occasion. Below are some of our favourite times to share tea:

Bon Voyage

Saying goodbye to friends or family before they move away or set off on an adventure is the perfect occasion to share tea. If they are embarking on a journey let their trip inspire your choice of teas by featuring a selection of teas from around the world. We suggest the following selection: Japanese Genmaicha, Darjeeling and Organic Assam from India, Vanilla Almond Rooibos from South Africa, Cream Earl Grey from the United Kingdom, and Moonlong from China.

Birthday Fun

A tea party is a fun dress-up opportunity for a child’s birthday. Choose a theme (The Mad Hatter or Beatrix Potter are two of our all-time favourites), and serve fun, flavourful teas that make the guests feel like they have stepped into a fairytale. Some of our recommendations for children are: Peppermint, Abegweit Lullaby, Vanilla Almond Rooibos, and Berry Hip Rooibos. If you are feeling creative, try making tea popsicles. They are a tearrific way to fancy things up and aren’t too labour intensive!

Tea Pairing

It may not be an occasion per se, but pairing tea with your favourite chocolates or cheeses is an art form that, when mastered, will win the admiration of even the most discerning of guests. Teas that pair well with dark chocolate are Lady’s Slipper, Moonlong, Peach My Cheeks, Chai, Assam, Darjeeling and Earl Grey. If you are more of a milk chocolate lover, try Sencha or Sencha Cherry.


Wedding or Baby Shower

Both of these occasions couldn’t be better than with the chinking of teacups! Choose a simple palette consisting of just a few complimentary colours (pastels work well) for the most elegant, spring/summer look. If it is warm enough, set things up in the garden. Gardens and tea were made to go together. Here’s an opportunity to go for an iced selection. For a wedding shower we recommend Lady’s Slipper, Sencha Cherry, Island Strawberry and Peach My Cheeks. For a baby shower we would stick with herbals: Camomile, Peppermint, Vanilla Almond Rooibos, Belgian Chocolate Rooibos and Berry Hip Rooibos.


Spring/Summer Garden Tea

Spring and summer are welcomed seasons to show off your garden! Host a Victorian Garden tea party outside among the roses and sweet peas. Wait ’til things are bursting into bloom, and aim for the afternoon when the light has that golden quality for a truly magical atmosphere. Use table cloths and napkins that are muted creams and off-whites to accentuate the natural colours of the flowers. Recommended teas are: Jasmine Green, Camomile, Island Strawberry Green, Strawberry Vanilla Fields, Lady’s Slipper and Peach my Cheeks.

Far East Adventure

This suggestion is for those of you who wish you could take a trip to India, China or Taiwan, but simply can’t right now. Immerse yourself in the flavours of India with a selection of Chai, Assam and Darjeeling teas; hop on over to China for a smooth, creamy cup of Moonlong or a rich organic Keemun; take your taste-buds on an adventure to Japan with an antioxidant-rich cup of freshly whipped Matcha, or the toasty sweetness of Genmaicha. End your journey by indulging in the distinctive flavour of Taiwan with a cup of our gunpowder, Green Explosion.