The Story of Lady Baker’s Tea Trolley

Katherine Burnett has enjoyed a lifelong love of teas and sharing tea time with others. She recognized early on that tea provides the perfect opportunity to slow down and take the time to connect with others. Offering warm island hospitality is a skill that has been passed down through many generations of Burnett women. Katherine continues to study and share the customs and traditions of tea with her growing community–honouring the values for which Prince Edward Island is known.


Tea Association of Canada

Katherine is a member of the Tea Association of Canada. She promotes the health benefits of tea consumption and supports ethical sourcing by using teas from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.


How did the name Lady Baker’s Tea Trolley come into being?

When Katherine was a young mother of 5 children she had a friend, 30 years her senior named Irene Baker, who for years would invite her over for tea. She would get out her fine china and pamper Katherine for an hour or two with tea, homemade cookies, laughter and care. She acquired the nickname ‘Lady Baker’ because she embodied the finer things of life – tea and caring!

In 2001, ‘Lady Baker’ passed away and Katherine wanted to do something to honour her memory. Thus, a ministry to the home bound and elderly by sharing a cup of tea became the focus of a new found business in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Katherine was living at the time.

In 2006 Lady Baker’s Tea Trolley turned over a new leaf when Katherine relocated back to her hometown of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. She set up a Tea Bar at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market, where she now offers a variety of premium loose leaf teas. Since then Lady Baker’s Tea Trolley has grown significantly. It can now be found at retail locations across Canada, enjoyed at a growing number of fine dining restaurants, cafés, hotels, B & Bs and purchased in our online store.


The Tea Team

A Team of fanatic tea lovers is busy blending, packaging, sending and serving her favourite beverage.