Loose-Leaf Journals: North Shore


“The first sip is joy, the second is gladness, the third is serenity, the fourth is madness, the fifth is ecstasy.” -Jack Kerouac (The Dharma Bums) It was a sunny morning in Malpeque, and it was time for tea. My pocket held a list of shops and restaurants that dot the north shore. I had […]

Quick and Easy Summer Muffins

Muffin recipe photo

Don’t we all love to see those words, ‘quick and easy?’ Here’s a recipe I can assure you from start to finish takes a half hour and they are so yummy! Brew 2 tsp. of any fruit-flavoured tea in 1 cup of hot milk for 5 minutes. Try Lady Baker’s Island Strawberry or Berry Hip […]

Loose-Leaf Journals: Down East

Companion Coffee1

Good company, a camera, and a craving for tea: an adventure was brewing. It was 8.30 in the morning when my girlfriend Kendra and I climbed into my rugged Nissan Pathfinder and set off with the compass pointed east. Our purpose: to travel around eastern PEI, dropping into some local shops and cafes that serve […]

Introducing Shane Pendergast

Shane Pendergast photo

Happy Canada Day!! We’d like to kick off the long weekend by introducing you to the newest addition to the Tea Team. This summer we are thrilled to be welcoming a gentleman to the team! Shane Pendergast is joining us as one of our summer guest bloggers. He will be heading out on the road to visit retail […]